Being closer to the nature and what she gives to us every year has always been our priority. Make the finest wines as naturally as possible and allow our soil to speak without artifice is one of our motivations. Our vineyards were therefore converted to biodynamics since 2008.

« Historically the vine cultivation has always existed on our property. Many plots have been grouped together to form a beautiful entity. The soils were plowed with horses and then tractors but never my father or I have considered using chemical grass killer. Soil’s life was respected.

     With these practices, we converted the whole vineyard in organic culture and it is only a step. It is a transmission that we have to do to our children, it has not to be a poisoned gift.

     We just want to respect the laws of nature. The objective remains the wine : its value, originality and purity. The wine has a sense, he is alive, he must invade us with his energy. The path of discovery is still long and I hope that the way of biodynamics will help us. For me as a winemaker, my life is wine, I never regret anything I can give to my wine. You must have convictions and never take the easiest way.

            Today, the qualitative results are there: for you the pleasure of the gift from the nature. »

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Bruno Martin loves nature. More than a working tool, its relations with her are passionate. The conversion of these vineyards is a prime example. Far from a simple consumer fad, it is for him a true principle of life. A philosophy. "This is my way of life" he likes to say. And on its vines he preserves plant species that he likes to photograph when the weather allows.

Wild Orchids at Roland La Garde, Tulip Raddii (red) and Tulip Sylvestris (yellow) in Sainte-Luce Bellevue testifying his respect of the grounds. Soil that also retain traces of men for millennia and which he carefully preserved the traces. Bruno Martin, "it's a legacy that makes sense."